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Read the descriptions below to determine the severity of your nail fungus and decide what treatment option is right for you. Consult with a physician if you are unsure whether you have a nail fungus infection.

The tip of the nail is typically affected. It may involve the entire width of the nail or only one side. The nail may appear discolored, cloudy, or bruised in appearance. It is often thickened and may be separating from the nailbed.

1 Month supply
Price: $59.95

The infection typically involves much of the nail but does not extend down to the base. The nail may appear discolored, cloudy, or bruised. It is often thickened and may be separating from the nailbed.

3 Months Supply
Price: 119.95
(you save: $59.95)


The entire nail is involved and distorted.  Discoloration is evident and the nail is thickened and rough. The nail is often partially or completely separated from the nailbed.

5 Months Supply
Price: $179.95
(you save: $119.95)


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